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What is hair patch or hair Silicon system?
To conceal partial depilation a further element hair-bearing piece of apparatus during which natural human area unit antecedently woven affix on the scalp bound with the help of element bond by non-surgical course of action instantly.”
Hair Patch or Hair Replacement system is best non-surgical hair replacement for latent stage of depilation or hair loss occur because of phalacrosis or Male Pattern depilation instantaneously not solely worn to cover depilation however lengthen the hair length on bestow hairstyle now.

Hair Patch Different procedure to affix Hair patch or Hair Silicon system on head:-
Hair Replacement system or hairpieces or toupees is the generally advanced non-surgical hair restoration course of action to conceal baldness along 100% end result at low cost instantly with hair length as patient yearning with bestow hairstyle.

Permanent sealing hair patch method (Hair Bonding): –
in the starting, we appraise the place of baldness eventually we spruce out that scrupulous phase then we stick the hair patch or gadget on the skull with the aid of silicon epoxy resin only on the periphery then hairpieces fix for 4 to 5weeks on the head in which patient can do all usual actions like washing, shampooing, conditioner, spa, non-sticky hair oil, indulge in sport performances etc. However subsequent to that instant period, patient has to pursue service in which our hair expert reaffixes the hair toupees yet again by pursue identical course of action all over again. Hair Patch is act like second layer of skin, 100% natural outcome, produce any hairdo, doable any hair length and hair style.

Clip-On hair patch or silicone systems (Microwefting):-
That is Temporary procedure to affix hair replacement system on the head with the support of piece clips which clutch up through natural hairs whenever patient covet to set it he/she can bear if not lay down on every occasion of sleep or get bathe. Microwefting is non-surgical course of action soreness, secure on bother free procedure during which patient will place it whenever he/she craving what is more finds it down at any time wish to locate it. That is the oldest most reliable straightforward USA procedure which does not necessitate frequent follow-up or there is no prerequisite of usual service. It is associate degree acceptable resolution of hairlessness during which hair patch semiconducting material system area unit safe associate degreed sound with an awfully precise and distinctively aforethought hair clips which might hold tight a correct holding lock with four to five clips as per hairlessness condition strands with natural hairs. In view of the fact that this technique engages an peripheral superficial add-on procedure as a result there is no side-effects. Patient can do shampooing, color, oil, serum, participate in sports etc. perform all usual activities like natural hairs. It endows with 100% natural end result, glossy hairs and has no need of change in everyday life schedule. Just the once you can dig up a hair style how you yearn for furthermore worn it whenever you wish.

Tape- In Hair Patch System (hair Fixing pasting method):-
At first we have a tendency to gauge the hair loss section absolutely after take a hair patch of precise size that place along on the scalp through the help of barely polymer tapes only on the periphery devoid of use glue or adhesive. You can accomplish each and every usual action among it akin to shampooing, washing, swimming, participate in sports etc. Nevertheless later than 7 to 10 days on every occasion these silicon tapes wobbly up, you have to change tapes by yourself within 10 to 15 minutes in trouble-free action undemanding course of action. Our team trained the patients by which he/she can do fixing procedure itself flawlessly.

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